Wednesday, August 11, 2010


This is a peaceful place in Casa II that receives many visitors throughout the day.  There is a low table with a funky leather poof to sit on (for some reason it is adorned with Ancient Egyptian pictures in gold--a yard sale find).  There is a personal size labyrinth from Montessori Services with an elegant chopstick resting in an olive dish for tracing the path on the labyrinth.  The tiny lamp has an elephant base, and there is a tray with seven small marble elephants in descending size to manipulate.  I enjoy seeing the elephants in unique configurations when I arrive each morning.  This area is bordered by a larger area of shelves so that it almost feels like a small, open room.  The children, particularly the ones that stay an extended day, enjoy having a quiet place of respite in their day.  Inner peace is a priceless commodity.

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