Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Simple Things

This week I was reminded of appreciating the simple things in life.  We had so many lovely moments in the environment, from baking to reading to writing and simply enjoying each others company.  I was happy watching one child break four eggs, finally able to do it without crushing the shell in his hand.  I was happy watching an older child perfect her manuscript, and happy watching another make a terrific backward "J."  I was happy when I found the perfect pencil cup.  There is much in life that is complicated, and difficult,  but when we work together, young and old, there is beauty.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Testing the Brazilian Cheese Bread Recipe

We decided to do a test run on our Brazilian Bread recipe. The bread will be for snack and is typically an activity for an older child and younger child (reader and non-reader). As soon as the bread is getting low, or just because, the children can replenish the supply. We worked on this in the afternoon in week two of our school year. The activity was generally a success, although a few more weeks of grace and courtesy would make the activity less chaotic. You see my assistant guiding the children and hear me behind the camera.
click for the video!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sandpaper letters

I wanted to show you how the language area looks this year. The sandpaper letters are showing increased use with the new display. Children often walk up and trace them as they are standing there, just as Maria Montessori said they would. I also wanted to show you the completed word study linen pockets. I'm giving them a C.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


I will be hosting and guiding a book club at our school for parents and staff based on Jane Nelsen's book Positive Discipline. Parents always seem to be looking for help with "discipline" and setting limits. I like Nelsen's book because it is so resoundingly Montessori in how mutual respect and problem-solving is at its core. I love how it empowers children to solve their own issues. I will be posting the most relevant topics we discuss. The first assignment is to read the preface, introduction and Chapter 1. Our first meeting will be on October 8 and I will post in the next few days following. I hope you will join us!