Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Back on the Farm

A few pictures say it all.  We had a great day out in the country.  The children saw, fed, touched and interacted with chickens, cows, sheep, lambs, HUGE dogs, pigs, and also cooked and planted seeds.  All in a day's work on the farm.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Empathy in Action

Last week, I overheard this conversation:  "I feel like nobody likes me, " states one girl.  "Why do you feel that way?" asks another.  "I don't know."  A third girl says, "It seems like you need a hug."  "Group hug!"  they exclaim.  Everyone then goes back to their work.  I don't care how many tests these girls score 100% on, or how many times they win sporting events--the perfection of this exchange tops all of that.  In its essence, this is how education prepares a child for life.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Still "Good at Doing Things"

I wanted to remind all of you of the wonderful resource we have in Dr. Steven Hughes.  As a pediatric neuropsychologist, he has special insight into what school environment is the best for children.  He became a huge proponent of the Montessori method as he noted that two facts:  how the method correlated to the actual stages of the development of the brain, and how a Montessori education emphasizes what parents, children and teachers find to be important for success in life.  Here is the recording of his entire talk.  It takes a while to get going, so be patient!  Check out his website, for other information.

Good at Doing Things: Montessori Education and Higher Order Cognitive Functions from Steve Hughes on Vimeo.