Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week in our summer session we focused on camping.  Not the kind of camping where you drive into a campsite with your car but the backpacking with your canoe into the Boundary Waters-type of camping.  We put up our tent, hung our food pack in a tree (10 feet up and 10 feet over), went on hikes with our bear whistle, read and created maps, and made food that could be carried in our packs (camp fire dough--made with powdered milk).  We also talked about recycling, and caring for the earth by taking care of our campsite so that our footprint is invisible.  On our last day, we built a campfire, safely of course, and made smores and banana boats.  The children also brought sleeping bags and we read stories in our tent.  I applaud the children and staff for enthusiastically participating, because this past week has been like living in a tropical rain forest!  If the heat and humidity don't bother you, the mosquitoes will!  The children are ready for the wilderness.

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