Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Business of Montessori

It occurs to me that being a good manager in a business setting is much like being a good Montessori teacher.  You need to get to know your employees, and find out what interests them.  You need to access their strengths and weaknesses, finding ways to help them use their strengths, and finding ways to help them improve their areas of weakness.  You need to help them bring their talents to the forefront, and find opportunities for them to help others with their skills  In all of this observational and informational work, the teacher or manager helps the student or employee find projects that are enticing.  Eventually, the student or employee is so assured of his skills that he uses them without needing a prompt. He also, through working with others, sees the unique skills and talents of others, and the special contributions they bring to collective work.  Eventually, the group works together in a fulfilling manner, each contributing in a way that is meaningful and productive.  In other words, normalization.

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