Monday, August 16, 2010

Letting Go With Love

As time flows toward another school year we reflect on letting go.  For parents of young children, this may be the first time they trust the outside world with their child.  Every year there is separation anxiety, tears (from the parents too!), and conflicting emotions.  We know it is best for our children to explore their individuality to grow in spirit, mind and body.  We know we must let go to allow the child to soar; that they cannot fly with an anchor.  They must separate to become their own person but whether that separation is at age 3 or at age 18, it is difficult for the parents.  My own middle son is heading to college this fall, and even though I have been through the process with my oldest, I am still apprehensive.  Will he make appropriate choices?  Will he study?  Will he get up for class?  Will he ever wash his sheets?  This list goes on.  I know that what is best for me is not necessarily best for my child.  This is a difficult message to impart to parents of the young child.  We can help by being empathetic yet firm.  We can help parents realize that the Montessori environment is a safe place for their child to grow, and an excellent place to try new activities.  We can explain freedom within limits.  The following article is from the AMI website, and may be useful to new parents.  It is a bit long, but makes some important points, namely, that for children to grow, they need space, away from their parents.  They need to know that we trust that they can do it for themselves.  Maria Montessori called this the "secret of childhood."  The link to the article is:

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