Sunday, June 27, 2010

The End of Men

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Earlier in the year I wrote about boys being left behind.  On NPR I heard Hanna Rosin being interviewed about an article she wrote titled, "The End of Men" for the Atlantic Monthly.  While it is unclear why boys and men are lagging behind women, there are several hypotheses.  One is that the supposed female right brain dominance is simply more suited for the social and managerial skills needed in today's economy.  Another is that with the elimination of many blue-collar type jobs, college is the clear path to middle-class and upper-middle-class life, and women find more success in college.  Some posit that schools throughout life are simply more amenable to female skills and less so for males.  Montessorians believe that society benefits when all are valued and feel fulfilled.  Let's figure this out.  Women and men have much to offer.  As societal norms change, let's find the change we need to help all people thrive.  More widespread Montessori education is part of the answer, as the environment supports all kinds of learning styles.  Read the article at:  T-shirt available at:

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