Friday, April 9, 2010

Old and Young

Here we are at Auburn Manor again, the assisted-living facility we visit.  We told a story that required the children and elders to do actions, and then drew a picture that related to the story.  It was one of our more successful visits, because those that wanted to participate could, and those that simply watched had a good time watching and listening to the story.  Also, the children have grown more comfortable with the elders.  One woman started braiding a child's hair and the elders insisted on singing "Happy Birthday" to our twins with a birthday.  The children elicit such good responses from the elderly, perhaps because of their frankness, and total acceptance of physical and mental issues.  They don't seem to mind being asked the same question multiple times, and enjoy helping with scissors, crayons and the like.  One girl said to me, "Remember when I used to be scared?" in a tone of disbelief that she would ever have felt that way.  I wonder what it would be like if they resided more permanently together, such as a school within the facility. 

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