Saturday, February 26, 2011

A Truly Logical Consequence

I thought you might enjoy seeing our little baking set-up.  We've been making tortillas (gluten-free) for some time now.  The children use them later to prepare quesadillas for a snack.  This looks like a fairly successful baking adventure as I don't see flour all over the floor.  Rice flour can be extremely slippery.  Yesterday two children had "accidentally" spilled all of their flour and were slipping around on it as they "cleaned" up.  I just said, "Oh, it looks like you could use some help cleaning up," and we moved on.  Later, one of the children said, "Where are my tortillas," and was truly confused.  I said, "Remember, your dough fell all over the floor?"  He wore such a crestfallen look.  I love it when logical consequences are actually natural.  There was no need for any further words.

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  1. That is so much more meaningful that a flea in the ear from a cross teacher!!