Saturday, September 18, 2010

A Beautiful Mind

The children are always drawn to beauty.  Maria Montessori observed this years ago but it still feels like a revelation each time I see it in practice.  Sometimes I've wondered if I'm too concerned with each little detail but when I see the children notice a lovely button, a carefully painted leaf, or a graceful pattern on an apron, I'm glad I took the time to beautify the environment.  The children also show loving care to a healthy green plant, or a flower.  My wonderful assistant provided the flowers that one girl is arranging and the other is "pounding."  Using a small floral craft hammer she imprints the flower onto a piece of muslin.  It is then suitable for framing, or making a small pillow or pincushion.  Montessori writes, "The human hand allows the mind to reveal itself."  In these children what I see revealed is diligence, cooperation, artistry, and so much more.  How beautiful is the mind of the child!

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