Sunday, March 21, 2010

Comprehensive With A Capital "C!"

We had a good time at our last book club.  Our next, and last meeting of the year will be a party of sorts, off site.  We discussed this time Chapter 10, "Personality:  How Yours Affects Theirs," and Chapter 11, "Putting It All Together."  Dr. Nelsen says we all have a "lifestyle priority" and there are four types:  comfort, control, pleasing, and superiority.  We had a little bit of difficulty identifying ourselves, but talked about how our personalities affect our children, and how we can turn our liabilities into strengths on our relationships.  Chapter 11 was comprehensive with a capital C!  It was a recap of the entire book!  I'll try to be succinct with the overview:  use "positive time out" for both ourselves and our children; decide what you will do, not what you will make your children do; quality sharing; getting children involved in solutions; staying out of children's fights; non-verbal signals; and choices.  I'm sure I've missed something, however, what strikes us the most is the respect this method uses to help our children grow toward responsible and productive adulthood.  We have realized we need to compromise at times in order to honor our child's personality and ideas.  As in Montessori, we use freedom within limits.  We involve the child in the brainstorming of solutions to issues, thereby the child is invested in the outcome.  We parent, (and teach) with love.  It really is not a bad technique for adults in the business world.  I'm looking forward to the next chapter, "Love and Joy in Homes and Classrooms."  Thanks for staying with us on this journey!

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