Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cabin Fever Creativity

I had completely forgotten about this photo until today.  It has been a long week--great work, interesting questions but that funky period that hits us Northerners at the end of winter right before Spring.  A little cabin fever, I think.  Anyway, someone came up with this entirely new take on the pink tower and the brown stair.  It was the first time in nine years I've seen this architectural oddity.  Maybe cabin fever furthers creativity.  It has to be good for something!


  1. Children in my class are often doing something like this. I let them, but some of my collegues said it's not ok.

  2. I know, the line between appropriate use and misuse is a fine line. Because the object of the material is basically visual discrimination, if the child is making discoveries in that realm I let it go. If the prisms or cubes turn into rockets, or people,or cities, or the like, I have the children put it away. I also do not allow step stools, etc. to build a tower with the brown stair, in fact, since it is not a tower, I discourage that.