Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Power of Concentration

I've added a very short video of a 3-year-old child working on wood polishing.  She shows great concentration in the video, which is edited down from the 30 minutes of actual polishing to a view time of less than 2 minutes.  The unedited video shows the same activity, as she continues to work at polishing the same piece.  The intensity of her concentration throughout everything happening around her is amazing.  My assistant is guiding children with baking and filling the dishwasher.  I am giving various presentations.  The child is obviously fully absorbed by what she is doing,  fulfilling her need to work and to perfect her movements. Once the child's body can obey her mind and the two can work in concert, the child can achieve what she sets out to do.  I can tell you this child was immensely satisfied by her ability to execute the polishing, and to clean it up and put it away so that it was ready for the next person.  She didn't need to tell me that--I could see it in her face.  I simply propped my camera on the shelf in front of her in video mode and we went about our work for the next 30 minutes.  Stay with it for the first 30 seconds as she becomes more in the center of the camera view after that.

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