Saturday, March 26, 2011

Meditation and Children

We have been using meditation as a tool in our Casa to relax and release stress.  Our favorite chant is "Om Shanti," with the "om" indicative as the sound or symbol of the universe, and "shanti" meaning deep peace.  It is usually chanted in threes.  We use a song from a yoga cd that we like.  Our children are beginning to go off and take a few minutes to meditate when things in the Casa are too loud or chaotic for them, or when they need to calm themselves because they are frustrated over some incident.  I hope we can all carry some sort of coping device within ourselves that helps us be calm, relaxed, and aware of the great gifts inside and around us.  I came across an article about meditation and children that you might enjoy:  The photo is from a children's meditation garden in Wimbledon, London.  They are a Buddhist club, but I think it would be lovely to develop meditation gardens in our Montessori schools, complete with a labyrinth!  I know I would love to spend a portion of each day there.

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