Sunday, December 12, 2010

Going Back to Move Forward

It is interesting to see the older children go back to material they used when they were younger and manipulate it in a different way.  Here, one of the children decided she wanted to know which tower of cylinders was the tallest.  She persevered in stacking the blue cylinders, which is difficult because they all have the same diameter.  She has since went back to this work several times, and added measuring items around the room and writing the measurements down.  The other photo shows one of the children going back to the puzzle that illustrates the parts of the horse.  He spent a long time looking at the bones under the puzzle pieces before replacing this puzzle and going through the other vertebrate puzzles.  I asked him what he was doing (when he was in transition) and he said "just looking at the puzzle."  I wonder what connections he made.  I'm glad we have the time to "just look."

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