Monday, November 1, 2010

The Line

 We love to walk on the line.  Dr. Montessori noted how children loved to perfect their balance and carriage by balancing and walking on the natural lines in nature.  As we Montessorians know, she incorporated this phenomena in the environment with a walking line, painted or laid down with tape.  The children develop control of their body, balancing with grace.  Eventually, other challenges are added, such as holding a full glass of water without spilling, or balancing a bean bag on the head while walking on the line.  My own children love to walk to music where they walk, march, run on their tip-toes, process and skip.  Hopefully, we will progress to the aforementioned challenges as the year goes on.  I notice that the children are refreshed and focused after walking on the line.  Maybe it is time for all work places to have a walking line!

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