Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Family Night

Every year we have a Family Night where the children get to show their environment to their family.  It is always a special night, one that confirms the children actually have absorbed their presentations as they tell their family members to, "take one at a time," or "this is how you carry the globe" and so on.  My favorite is, "This is glass.  It is breakable so you must carry it carefully, with two hands."  They are so proud of their competence.  The photos above show a lovely moment of discovery.


  1. I always find it highly amusing how a child who doesn't want to work with a particular material in the classroom, will complete it perfectly when mom and dad are around. I feel like saying, "You little stinker! You knew it all along!" :) You're right, it's confirmation that they are absorbing so much knowledge. :)